There is no sugarcoating this, so I’ll be straightforward – finding housing in Copenhagen is a bitch.

Thus far I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a room in a large apartment for just 1750 DKK per month. This is dirt cheap. Unfortunately the apartment was finally sold just before my arrival and as the situation stands, we have to clear the place by October 1st. The new owners were originally supposed move in on September 15th. According to the most recent gossip, they will move in some time this week.

It’s Wednesday now.

Because the place is quite large, they will be living in a closed off section of the appartment and while that may not sound like a horrible thing, there is only one working stove in here. And of course, the stove is on their side. We do have a bargaining chip though, as the only shower cabin is on this side of the front of the imminent civil war. I reckon that unless the newlyweds want to turn into complete savages while we’re still in the house, they will have to let us sit around their campfire – provided they won’t find us cooking an omelette in our underwear every morning, of course.

As for the new place, the housing situation should improve by the end of the month but still it will be hard to find a good compromise between price and location. Fortunately there is no shortage of potential flatmates and thus teaming up for a larger place will not be a problem.

As a last resort, we can always join the Hells Angels. Their place is a-rockin’.