You really learn to appreciate a heavy dose of coffee, a strong meal and anabolic steroids if you know you have a long bike ride ahead of you and raging outside your window is something that can only be categorized as a mild hurricane.

Copenhagen is windy as hell and over the past few days the weather has really turned from “pleasantly cool” to “frustratingly haily”.

The reason why I must take my green limousine out for a ride is that foolishly I failed to register for my courses in time. Usually at the Copenhagen Uni it suffices if you simply show up for the first lecture but in my case the registration deadline for anthropology courses was August 15th. This means that I must ride to the campus and see if there’s still any courses available.

Later tonight I’ll be meeting a few of my Erasmus friends for a free concert at the Copenhagen Tivoli. An Estonian girl, who actually has to travel from Malmö to Copenhagen just to take classes will also be joining us, seems as the solitary life in Sweden is starting to get to her.

As for the bike ride, I guess I must be off now. If there is any upside to taking such a trip on a day like this, then it must be the buns of steel I am sure to attain. Buns of steel, and a will to survive stronger than that of a wounded buffalo surrounded by baby alligators.