I think I set my personal record for riding home from the campus last night, because if you’re thinking of a warm bed then there is nothing in heaven or hell that can hold you back. This record is all the more surprising when you consider I was a little more than tipsy.


At some point during the long descent on Christianshavn main street I must’ve thought: “I’ve downed a million baby Heinekens and my reaction time is probably not that good right now, I wonder if I should be speeding towards that large group of pedestrians.” Lacking the habit of listening to my common sense, I proceeded to plough through the crowd, with my eyes closed, hoping for the best. The gamble was justified as there were zero casualties.


I also met my new neighbour last night when I ran into him as he was moving in his furniture. I put on my best sober impression and politely greeted the guy, all the while smelling like the Carlsberg brewery.


As for the Tivoli, I never made it there.


Or rather, I did, but as I don’t have my student ID card yet I was not granted free admission to the concert hall. Not wanting to pay money for a band I knew nothing about I, along with another Estonian Erasmus girl, went looking for a bar. I was somewhat relieved, because the prospect of getting wasted at dive bars somehow sounded superior to sitting at a concert hall, watching an artist who in all likelihood was complete rubbish.


We hit gold with the first bar. Called “Floss”, this tiny corner bar possessed the interesting quality of gradually turning from a pub into a terrace, seems as the front wall of the place had been removed. Ventilation then, was excellent and you could enjoy the ambiguous nature of the place by freely lighting up a cigarette. Like any dive bar, this one comes with it’s own regulars, in this case the regular being a forty-odd man who looked like the result of what would happen if Woody Allen and Ali G ever conceived a bastard child. Nevertheless, a beer was 20 DKK, Happy Hours are frequent and the dazed atmosphere quite sedating.


Following a recommendation (of the most dubious value, I must add) we sought out the Viking Bar next and despite the promises of cheap beer, a glass there cost 36 DKK. You could draw stuff on the tables but that will only keep you entertained for so long until you realize that you’re drinking overpriced beer at a place which is just one plastic palm tree away from being the architectural equivalent of a drag queen.


Not wanting to take our chances with the other pubs, we headed straight to the CSS campus, where the student canteen had been opened for the weekly “Friday Bar” event. I like the idea of a campus bar because technically you never have to leave the uni for a night out – you can simply stay there after classes and have the party come to you. Coming from the Tallinn uni, I surely appreciated this concept, as back home I’d have to walk a whole fifty meters for an after-class beer. There was also a live band playing some jazzy tunes (then again, after a few beers, all student bands sound “jazzy” to me).


And yet, despite these fun things happening all around us (or perhaps due to the music having been crap or us being too old), we ended up discussing international politics with a French delegation because as everybody knows there is nothing drunk students love more than to discuss the intricacies of nationalist movements and ethnic conflicts whilst hearing the Black Eyed Peas talk about their feelings.