When you’re disconnected from the web you really miss out a lot on things happening around you. Although you do hear of the somewhat more important news such as, oh, a suicide bomber blowing himself up.

Just before my attempted trip to the Tivoli last Friday I saw a motorcycle cop escort what looked suspiciously like a SWAT van scream past me, followed by an unmarked black police car. I did think at the time that all this looked a bit out of the ordinary and indeed as it turned out later they were responding to the bomb attack. Or rather, attempted attack, because instead of spreading terror, the bomber stumbled upon a big bucket of FAIL.

I learned of the attack the next day when I attended the anthropology department’s Erasmus meeting. It must be said that the Erasmus parties are a great way to have cheap and proper fun in Copenhagen. Aside from the fantastic company of your fellow students you also get cheap drinks and snacks. By contrast, so far I haven’t found a club in the city that I’d like to visit again. However, this is subject to change as there’s still lots to discover. Also, the only pub we went to after the Erasmus meeting at the campus was the “Wall Street Pub”. Admittance was 20 DKK and the cheapest beer cost you 35 DKK, but the place was smoky and crowded, too loud to be enjoyed as a pub and too small to be enjoyed as a club.

As for the campus, I can’t help the impression that the uni has a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. During daytime the CSS campus is a center for academic excellence, whereas during the night it transforms into an apartment block at gangbangers central. As we were walking away from the Erasmus party we noticed that we were not the only ghettoblastas in the house. In fact, given the booming music and noises of people throwing up I half-expected to run into a marauding gang of professors asking me for my lunch money and/or crack cocaine.

In other news, it is now clear that we can’t use our stove for cooking anymore, unless we physically set fire to it. Thus I will have to go on a scavenging trip today to see if they sell turbo noodles or insta-soups somewhere, as sandwiches and fruit will only get you so far. Unless you’re bananas for apples.