Since I still haven’t got a stove, I went looking for cheap options for “insta-food” today. I ended up spending 86 DKK in total at the Amager Center, and my loot was as follows: three cups of one-minute noodles, two packs of insta-soup, two packs of turbo-noodles, one pack of mini meats (olive-feta filling) and a 200g pack of cheese-butter-thingy. Whether or not that was a good buy will be clear in a few days, depending on how much I’ll get out of them. In terms of nutrition, I’m gonna go ahead and guess that with that stuff you can feed anything between a circus-midget and an infantry battalion (given that the infantry battalion will not eat).

Optimism then, is not high. Luckily I have this picture of a stormtrooper I took the other day to cheer me up: