Our new neighbour Hakim treated us to a simple, yet delicious recipe for tea today. For “Moroccan tea” as he referred to it, you only need some black Chinese tea, sugar or honey and mint.

What you do is you drop a teaspoonful of black tea into a pot of water, add sugar as to your taste, and let it boil until the tea crumbs open up. Then you pour the tea into a glass and drop what I can only describe as “a generous bunch” of mint into the mix and leave it still for five minutes.

We’re planning on having another tea night next weekend, as I’ll be receiving a shipment of Estonian chocolate shorty and I figured this would make for a nice evening with our short-term flatmates.

Also, I’m thinking of going out tea-hunting myself in the coming days, seems as I can no longer contain my urge for Moroccan tea. Apparently, finding the right kind of mint is crucial, but Hakim said you can find that in one of the Arab shops on Amagerbrogade for only 10 DKK for a, uh… “bunch”. And seems as shopping for herbs is not particularly complicated in Copenhagen, I don’t expect it to take long for my hunt to yield.