Q: How much time does it take to get out of the EU from Copenhagen?

A: fifteen minutes on a bike and five in the liquor store.

As I’ve mentioned before, Christiania is a bit of an odd one out in Copenhagen and as a rogue anarchist state it gladly welcomes all refugees seeking shelter from the normality of Denmark.

Our first joint excursion into Christiania last week took us to Loppen. To us, the starving refugees, Loppen offered a deal on food like no other in the city. For just 20 DKK you get a nice vegetarian meal (the good kind, not shit on a stick). In addition to that, you’re welcome to take as much pastries with you as you please. Apparently, judging by the sheer volume of people who visit Loppen every Thursday, free pastry is the bees knees.

Our faces stuffed with cake but hungry for soul we proceeded to Operaen for a jazz concert. Not the gargantuan National Opera house, but the elegantly scruffy club on Pusher street.

Enouraged by the success of our first trip, we took to Christiania again on Sunday to catch the republic’s 39th anniversary celebrations. And boy, do they know how to celebrate.

On every street corner, on every alley, there was something going down. We passed a motorcycle show, checked a lively hip hop gig (“puff, puff, pass!”), a mock-rock concert, swam through the thick beats of Daft Punk and ended up staying for an utterly chaotic jam session at the Jazz Club. We were never really sure as to which band was playing or how many musicians were on the stage at any given time, but blasts were had, and that is really the most important thing.

Meanwhile in Copenhagen, I’m legally still a non-person. I wonder if I should apply for a living permit in Christiania instead?