I guess Lady Luck has finally decided to just go “fuck it” and cut me some slack, because yesterday, after persistently refreshing the DBA housing page, I got through to a guy who said “fuck it” and gave me a room. And I went like “fuck, yes.”

The call came somewhat unexpectedly when I was waiting for the train at the Oresund station. I had just finished packing my stuff at my old place and celebrating our departure with beer and biscuits. It must’ve been half past nine when the phone finally rang, as I recall I was at that point quite confident that I’d be left hanging once again.

I had been to the viewing a few hours before and while we seemed to have hit it off rather well he did inform me that others had expressed their interest in the place as well. And why wouldn’t they? The apartment itself is only ten minutes from the city center by bike (if you ride like a baby) and the room itself quite spacious and fully furnished. On top of it all it only costs 3200 DKK per month.

I’ll be meeting the guy again today to discuss the rental details. I won’t actually believe I’ve got a new home until I physically have the keys in my grasp, but it suffices to say I’m cautiously optimistic.

Persistence, it would seem, does lead to victory.