Today, as I finally arrived at m new flat, I unpacked my bags, packed them again and then unpacked them once again. I love unpacking, even more so because this is the first time I’ve been able to do this in Copenhagen.

I spent the weekend at some friends’ place, turning to my luggage only in case of dire need and neglecting them for the bigger part (the toothbrush and the odd pair of clean socks being the only things to see daylight). But today I finally feel like home. I’ve lost the seaview of the Amager apartment, but the brightly lit side streets of Norrebrogade are a fine substitute.

This is also the first time in a long while when I’ve been able to sit (read: casually slouch) on an armchair. Also, I have a proper desk only a cigar case short of a perfect dictator’s office, as well as a decent sound system. And I have a bunch of fun flatmates to boot. Still I suspect a trade-off for all these amenities. Like, say, a band of mutant rats turning up in the dark of the night demanding a tribute under the threat of total war.

Unreasonable fears aside, all in all I find myself living in yet another peaceful region of the city. For a pathological riot hunter, this is only good news.