For the past few weeks I’ve been struggling to keep myself motivated for my courses, with “Anthropology of Sciences” being the main culprit in my gradually declining will to prepare myself in any way for my classes.


That particular course has everything to do with the “how to’s” in anthropology, while seemingly never getting to the actual “do’s” – a problem not entirely absent in contemporary anthropology [citation needed?]. The lecturers, a whopping two per thirty people, are top-notch and their charisma is almost enough to turn even the most menial of epistemological discussions into something interesting. But for the past two weeks the classes have been cancelled and I have been actively ignoring the formidable reading list because really, reading about the various and nuanced approaches that question whether, say, scientific expertise and lay knowledge should be viewed as equals is about as close as anthropology gets to being banned under the Geneva condition as a weapon of death by dullness and redundancy. As for today’s lecture, I didn’t even bother attending.


And yet, there is a ray of hope, seems as at the last minute a new course has been added to the Copenhagen Uni’s catalogue. It’s “Anthropology of Post-Socialist Countries” – a course that I might actually benefit from in the future. I’m even tempted to try and claim authority in that field by virtue of myself coming from one such country (har har).


In short, I’ve decided to drop the science course in favor of something more tangible. The timing couldn’t have been better because, thanks to the Copenhagen Uni’s new portfolio essay system, I would’ve had to write five 2-3 page essays by next Friday. And after my portfolio essays for the “Migration I” course, the last thing I want to do is busy myself with writing five more short, disjointed and superficial pieces of scrap-anthropology.


To be fair, the lecturers here share our skepticism of the new assessment system and perhaps the whole thing will be reviewed and improved before the next batch of Erasmus students arrives. For the time being, I have to retreat to the more comfortable field (and more comfortable conditions) of post-socialism studies.


So how am I gonna celebrate this godsend? By going on a road trip to Berlin, Poznan and Prague. Hopefully. Unless something goes horribly wrong.