You can really go two ways when organizing events on Facebook – either nobody comes or you wake up at 2 PM the next day to find a donkey in your living room.


Last night I luckily chose the ideal mix as the anthropology party at the CSS Katedralen proved to be a fun evening with the music levels allowing for communication without excessive gesturing (and the moderate attendance actually leaving room for gesturing). Personally I was planning on dropping by for just a moment before going to a friend’s place in Christianshavn but the sight of three cases of 3 DKK beer was something I simply could not eliminate from the equation. So it was that I found myself trying to cycle home at 1 AM all the while trying desperately not to crash into other bikes, cars, sign posts, trash cans, walls and whatever else looked to me like something asking to be annihilated.


Tonight’s gonna be harder as we’re having a Halloween party at our place. Facebook claims there won’t be any trouble as there’s only fifty attendees, but we’re secretly preparing for at least a hundred. With this many people crammed into the apartment, sleeping is not gonna be an option and we’ll have no choice but to burn through the night straight till morning.


On the bright side, I finally have my costume. I won’t say what it is but I will give a hint. So, without giving too much away:



Why so ser… ah, fuck it.