As fun as the Halloween party was, it’s far from over for me and my flatmates as the insane amount of cans, the horrid condition of all surfaces and an amputee mannequin all require our urgent attention. I’m sure we’ll get around to cleaning everything up in the very near future but for the time being, I think some well deserved rest is in order.


Sooner or later, I will have to deal with this though.


The one good thing about Halloween here is that most people made at least some kind of an effort to dress up for the festivities and many were creative (and terrifyingly meticulous) with their outfits. The last item I bought for my Joker costume, a maroon vest, set me back 190 DKK which is, admittedly, a bit too much for something I won’t in all likelihood ever wear again. Nevertheless, Halloween is only once a year and it truly was all well worth the effort. The Danes know how to have fun and the party managed to generate some seriously good vibes, as well as some truly horrifying ideas. To be fair, when you’re talking about brain surgery and rocket science, the conversation will inevitably steer towards ideas of how to put brains into rockets and, somewhat less reasonably, how to put rockets into brains. The result however, will always be pure awesomeness:




To speak of costumes and clothing in general, I’m quite fond of the shop I found my vest at. It was “Kobenhavn K”, on Studiestrade – a second hand shop of a more expensive variety but one that boasts an excellent selection of stylish items.


Another thing that I’m quite taken by is Danish music. Specifically, there’s two tracks I can’t get out of my head and I see these songs forming a core part of my experience here in Copenhagen. The first of these is “Alla Som Inte Dansar” by Maskinen (admittedly a Swedish band, not a Danish one):



The chorus “Alla Som Inte Dansar Är Valdtäktsmän” is a clear signal that this band doesn’t screw around, as the main message seems to be that everybody who doesn’t dance is a rapist. While I’m in no way a trained rapist-spotter, I do find this method for exposing one as somewhat unsustainable.


The other song however, takes things into Lady GaGa territory with, uh, this:



I think Fagget Fairys are a lesbian duo (I wonder what gave me that idea) and it was explained to me yesterday, in no uncertain terms, what the main line “feed the horse yum yum” means. Seriously, just think about this for one second. Really, just think. Think hard.




…Yeeaah! Honestly, knowing what it means makes the song just so much better. For a certain demographic though, the title has to be the most deceptive since “Puff, The Magic Dragon”.




This is my serious face:


Also, it's virtually indistinguishable from my drunken face.


On a more practical note – how do you get mascara off? Like seriously, I need to go out tomorrow.