The Danes love beer and the Danes love Christmas. And Tuborg really, really loves Christmas.


Last night Copenhagen was celebrating J-Dag, a day marking the beginning of the Christmas season. As anyone who’s ever watched television knows, this is what a Christmas season launch typically looks like, at least as the Coca-Cola Company would have us believe:

In reality, the trucks never came. THE TRUCKS. NEVER. CAME.


In Denmark, the celebration looks similar. Except that instead of Coke you have beer and instead of Santa, the trucks are full of hot chicks in elf costumes handing out free beer and Christmas hats. I swear I am not making this up:


It's what Jesus would've wanted.

We were waiting for the trucks (some may call it “ambushing”) at the Mexibar on Elmegade. Now, normally the Danes have a reputation for being rubbish at making cocktails, but Mexibar is a wonderful exception. “No homo,” said Thomas as he placed an order for a San Francisco and I too was OK with looking gay as I sipped on my delicious strawberry Daiquiri. But the real magic didn’t start until suddenly the bar erupted with cheers as the foxy Tuborg elves entered, handing out free beers left and right. Their job done, the girls retreated to the Christmas truck and amid wild displays of appreciation, drove off to grace other bars. We promptly gave chase and finally caught up with the Tuborg truck near the King’s Garden. After pursuing it on foot for a while (with a gross disregard for our personal safety) the truck surrendered and pulled over, and we finally got the pictures we were after.


All in all, if this is the Danish idea of a “warm-up”, I can’t wait to see what Christmas is going to be like. My money’s on strippers and Christmas trees made of beer.